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"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

~ Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi

1:30-2:00   Welcome and Speaker

2:00-2:15   Awards

2:15-2:30   Break

2:30-4:00   Film

4:00-4:30   Break and Exhibits

4:30-5:00   Networking session


The new Grail Moviehouse in Asheville will serve as the venue. The Grail screens foreign films, independent films, and documentaries. It's a great place for those of us with international interests.


The program, outlined in more detail below, will include:


  • The first annual Global Citizen Awards. Nominees in several categories will be people connecting the Asheville area with other countries and cultures while advancing international awareness and global perspectives.

  • Jennifer MacDonaldwhose international vision, experience, and stories are amazing and inspiring.

  • An acclaimed documentary film, Planetarywith global/cultural perspectives themes.

  • Exhibits by those who want to share information, samples, and items for sale.

  • Deliberate networking, to enable collaborative opportunities and mutual support. 


Global Citizen Awards will be given in several categories:


1) Student, K-12

2) Student, post-secondary

3) K-12 Education (teacher or administrator) 

4) Post-secondary Education (faculty or administrator)‎

5) Non-governmental (non-profit) organization

6) For-Profit Business/Corporate


The nomination is limited to 400 words. It should explain why the nominee deserves recognition as someone doing one or more of the following: 1) connecting Western North Carolina to other countries and cultures; 2) increasing international awareness in WNC; 3) making the world a better place through development activities for civil society, education, social justice, human rights, and so on. 


Nominees must live in the WNC area and must be currently, actively engaged as described above. 

Nominations must be submitted no later than September 26.

Click here for the Nomination Form

(digital, submitted online)





Asheville resident Jennifer MacDonald is the co-founder of Hadaya Toys Developed in response to the current Syrian refugee crisis, Hadaya serves refugee populations in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt. Hadaya addresses refugee children's immediate psychological needs with toys, books, and art supplies that help them overcome distress caused by violence and displacement. Hadaya's work encourages children's positive group behavior and teamwork while developing their cognitive and creative skills.
Hadaya also provides small immediate-need grants to assist community groups and projects addressing refugee needs. Other activities include elevating public awareness of the humanitarian plight of refugee children, accomplished through educational exhibits, connecting children online and distributing personalized soccer balls.
Jennifer is a multi-award winning producer and filmmaker. Her "Anywhere USA" won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. She is a polyglot (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and some French) who started the first basic Arabic program for high school students in the American South. Her local pursuit and passion is Habibi Baklava, sweet treats also being enjoyed in other cities.


A provocative and breathtaking wakeup call – a cross continental, cinematic journey that explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. Planetary asks us to rethink who we really are, to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us. In a stunning visual exploration, the film interweaves imagery from NASA Apollo missions with views of our Milky Way galaxy, cultures and places around the world, and interviews with renowned experts in several fields.


Official selection, HotDocs 2015; Official selection, Environmental Film Festival, Washington, DC 2015



International Asheville is designed to bring people together, increase awareness and visibility, and connect dots. While organizing the event, we have learned that this is needed -- because there are amazingly global people, organizations, and businesses who remain unaware of one another. We are going to change that. For example, we will facilitate "speed awareness" sessions. Various international topics and locations will be announced, hands will raise, and people will gather for short periods of acquaintance. This will be a great time to have business cards and/or flyers to share, even if you are exhibiting. If you have no specific interest or involvement abroad, no worries -- you won't be alone and you are going to meet some interesting people! The networking process will be easy, fun, informative, and productive. It will also be an important first in WNC.
Click here to notify us that you would like to feature an exhibit, simply your own table and materials. We will provide details upon hearing from you. Exhibitors also represent an important part of the networking -- exhibitors and other attendees learning about one another. 

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