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1:30-2:00   Welcome and Speaker

2:00-2:15   Awards

2:15-2:30   Break

2:30-4:00   Film

4:00-4:30   Break and Exhibits

4:30-5:00   Networking session

Asheville and Western North Carolina have lots of local/global connections. International Asheville is a first annual event for that part of our community. It will spotlight and bring together people and places with international interests, sparking new friendships and collaboration. It will also be just plain fun and interesting, for global citizen types. 

International Asheville will feature networking opportunities, a fascinating speakerexhibits, and an amazing documentary film.  We will also present the first annual Global Citizen Awards to deserving winners in several categories. The event will be  a  great  opportunity  for  international organizations and  businesses  to  increase  visibility. 


Many thanks to the Grail Moviehouse for having the vision and community spirit to host this unique event.  Tickets are required and available in their “Special Events” section.  

The reactions to this concept have been upbeat and positive. To summarize several, "This is something that should have been done long ago!" Let us know you are interested, tell us about your global interests, and get in the loop for information about the second annual event in 2017. Your information will NOT be shared with others. 

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