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"The most incomprehensible thing about the world 

is that it is comprehensible."
~ Albert Einstein

  • study or vacation abroad;

  • host high school "exchange" students;

  • served in the military and traveled the world;

  • own or work at ethnic/international restaurants and food stores;

  • worked abroad or are working here at companies importing, exporting, or foreign-owned;

  • read about and tune into news about other countries, cultures, and our connections to them.

  • created or work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) doing development assistance abroad; 

  • belong to organizations like Sister Cities, Friendship Force, the World Affairs Council of WNC, the area returned Peace Corps volunteers, and more; 

  • teach or take classes about geography, global issues, other languages, international relations, and other worldly topics;

  • tour and vacation in other countries and cultures;

  • adopted chidren from other countries;

  • the list goes on and on.



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If you are someone with international interests (and maybe involvements), imagine how fun it will be to meet others like you. Such paths often do not not cross, but we are going to change that! Consider the friendships and productive connections that could be developed. Examples of local/global connections can be found on the "Resources" page. Worldly people are those who:

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